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June 10th 2020

So Me & Sal Podcast

Episode 03. Sal is distracted while composing a piece of music with Joshua.

Episode 03. https://someandsal.podbean.com/

June 5th 2020

Thudaan Diini. New Children’s TV show.

This is a big project I’ve had the privilege of working on at Pama Language Centre.

Thudaan Diini, coming soon to YouTube. A beautiful new children’s series in Guugu Yimithirr, the first recorded language in Australia – which gave us the word “kangaroo”. Full of fun, puppets, animations and songs. Showcasing the talent of the Guugu Yimithirr writers, singers and actors of Hope Vale. There will be a new Thudaan Diini milbi (episode) every Friday on YouTube. Gunbu gundala nganhthanunthirr! (Sing along with us.)

Music, animation, videography and editing by Joshua McHugh.

So Me & Sal Podcast

Joshua is a human and Sal is a small dark creature; they live together.

Sal wants to sing but he feels embarrassed about it. By Joshua McHugh.

Episode 01. https://someandsal.podbean.com/

Fragility an animated musical

Fragility – an animated musical by Joshua McHugh

Fragility is becoming an animated musical…