The speed and skill with which McHugh can create music is breathtaking.”

“He is a virtuosic pianist, a classically trained singer, a passionate teacher, and, that I am aware of, one of the most prolific composers of my generation.”
Steven Bailey. January 15th 2016.

“McHugh’s music is accessible and appealing without being undemanding. It allows the dramatic telling of the complex story but it also has its more lyrical moments.”
“McHugh asks a lot of his audience but he rewards it by ensuring that there is not a dull moment.”
Glenn Burns. September 22 2009. The Canberra Times

“Joshua McHugh is a composer of great imagination and emotional depth, comfortably inhabiting the musical strata between hummable accessibility and sophisticated whimsy. His music is humorouts and very beautiful, and lacks the self-consciousness of much writing for modern classical voice. I have had the good fortune to work with Joshua on two major projects, and I always find him wonderful to work with – he writes to push you to the outer limit of your abilities, but is also gentle and constructive when workshopping his pieces for performance. I imagine that he carries this kindness and sense of fun through into his teaching also.”
Karen Fitz-Gibbon. 

The Which Finger Where? piano method By Joshua McHugh is very easy and straight forward to use with clear instructions to guide the teacher. The books progress gradually, increasing in difficulty in small steps enabling students to easily grasp new ideas as they are introduced. This gives students confidence and a sense of achievement, which of course then motivates them.
My students find these books engaging and love the ‘out of the box’ explanations, the quirky song titles and interesting illustrations.
Amy Turnbull. Piano Teacher. Bega NSW.